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Rangeen Kali (Brown)

Rangeen Kali (Brown)

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Color: Brown

Size Chart


 Size Shoe Length (in) Foot Length (in)
5 9.4 8.9
6 9.8 9.3
7 10 9.5
8 10.4 9.9
9 10.7 10.2
10 11 10.5
11 11.4 10.9
12 11.7 11.2
  • Standard distance between end of shoe and foot is 0.5 inch
  • For wider feet, it's recommended to size up by one size


Sole Material: Leather

Lining Material: Leather

Upper Material: Velvet

'Rangeen Kali' brown is a jutti that epitomizes floral elegance and opulence. Adorning the front part of this exquisite footwear is a delicate chain of intricately crafted flowers, each centerpiece adorned with a resplendent golden stone and surrounded by glistening diamond-like embellishments that mimic the petals of nature's finest blooms. 'Rangeen Kali' tells a story of timeless charm, with a stunning 'flower necklace' of beautifully linked blooms, creating an aura of floral grace and sophistication with every step. 

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