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Color: Gray

Size Chart


 Size Shoe Length (in) Foot Length (in)
5 9.4 8.9
6 9.8 9.3
7 10 9.5
8 10.4 9.9
9 10.7 10.2
10 11 10.5
11 11.4 10.9
12 11.7 11.2
  • Standard distance between end of shoe and foot is 0.5 inch
  • For wider feet, it's recommended to size up by one size


Sole Material: Leather

Lining Material: Leather

Upper Material: Velvet

Introducing 'Riwa,' Indian jutti that embodies the essence of timeless grace and beauty. Crafted from a delicate powder blue fabric, 'Riwa' is a masterpiece of elegance. Scattered across its surface are small, shiny diamond-like embellishments that twinkle like stars in the night sky. Interwoven with these luminous gems are intricate grey and dark blue lines, artfully arranged to create the illusion of delicate pearls and leaves. 'Riwa' by Ujaala is a poetic representation of nature's delicate charm and a symbol of sophistication. With each step, you'll leave a trail of enchantment, making 'Riwa' the perfect choice for those who appreciate both the subtleties of design and the brilliance of style.

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